Whole Milk Might Keep You Healthier

NPR discussed interesting research published in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care. When doing an analysis of several studies, they noted that men who included whole milk in their diet were less likely to become obese compared to men who didn’t include it in their diet. The idea is that while whole milk and other high-fat dairy products have lots of saturated fats, the way they react with our metabolism could be much different than previously thought.

The Archives Of Diseases in Childhood and European Journal of Nutrition have also confirmed the same results which lend credence to the idea. Greg Miller, the vice president of the National Dairy Council, stated, “There could be bioactive substances in the milk fat that may be altering our metabolism in ways that helps us utilize the fat and burn it for energy rather than storing it in our bodies.”

Some have also brought up another possibility that those who consume high-fat dairy, could become satiated faster, thereby reducing overall food intake. Researchers are still working on further analyzing the results and other studies but so far so good. However, there is still a caveat that those with high cholesterol issues should still avoid high-fat dairy’s to reduce the chance of heart disease and other health problems.

So throw some whole milk into your diet and do your own research. Whether it’s related to metabolism, satiety or anything else, you’ll see the results and might be surprised.

(via NPR)

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