Why Organic Coffee Matters!

I am a big fan of coffee. One cup a day does it for me and its usually with breakfast. I find too much coffee especially in the afternoon can destroy a calm and feeling of wellbeing so I tend to switch to Green Tea or Yerba Mate in the afternoon.

One thing I have learnt though is that Organic Coffee matters. Its superior in so many ways; if you go organic with your coffee you will notice less jitters (if your prone to them) and a purer taste. These are just some of the reasons to switch to Organic when you can. I am by no means an organic food pusher but I feel coffee is one thing that is worth buying organic every time!

There is a huge pleasure in taking time to pick out a good coffee and explore your local health food store for different varieties. I personally try out a different type of coffee each week. I have some favorites which I always go banck to but find the variety of coffee to be facinating and take time to prepare it in several different ways (currently using a classic bialetti stovetop)


Coffee plantations are normally one of the most chemically treated agricultural products on the planet. Its widely known that pesticides and herbicides can cause all kinds of nasty diseases so if you drink a lot of non-organic coffee your doing yourself no favors. Luckily Organic coffee plantations use natural pesticides to treat the land. This not only saves you but saves the environment.

More Anti-Oxidants

Drinking Coffee is very beneficial if done right. It can stabilize your blood sugar and boost your metabolism. The great thing about buying Organic is that you amplify these benefits. Think about it; when healthy coffee is grown in organic crops which have good soil the quality of your coffee will be higher allowing you to capture all the anti-oxidant powers of the bean.

Coffee provides more than just a morning jolt; that steaming cup of java is the number one source of antioxidants in the U.S. diet

This is pretty impressive and seeing as the most common thing people grab in the morning is a cup of coffee, all the more reason to go organic.


This is a big one for me. Organic coffee simply tastes better! It has less bitterness and the exotic scents and aromas come out more. One coffee I love is the Vietnamese stuff, If you ever have the chance to try it don’t miss out. It has an amazing choclatey taste which makes it almost impossible to believe its plain coffee, whenever you can try to search out new and special coffee’s. There are so many great vabrieties available and buying organic just means you are getting the full benefit and taste from the variety. Make it an adventure, visiting odd and random coffee houses and asking for their opinion on a good roast is a great way to learn about coffee and help the smaller, local coffee shops who usually sell bags of house roast for the price of two cappucino’s at starbucks.

Less Jitters

If you are someone who doesn’t handle coffee well, then Organic coffee maybe for you. When you get organic coffee and use an espresso machine to brew your shot up rather than a normal drip you will be far less likely to experience any of the negative side effects coffee can cause. This is for two reasons; firstly the organic coffee is purer and therefore processed better by your body. Secondly an Espresso has a shorter impact time on the ground coffee but at a higher heat meaning you get less caffeine and more anti-oxidnats. Thereofre I alway reccomend thos who shy away from coffee to try an organic espresso or americano and see what effect it has. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Give organic coffee a go, the 3 reasons below were enough to sway me and there has been no looking back!

  • Coffee plantations are the most pesticide laiden crops in the world
  • You will get a higher dose of anti-oxidants
  • You are helping the environment and promoting fair trade crops

The only thing standing in your way is the marginally higher cost and the difficulty of getting organic coffee on the road. Although more and more coffee shops are starting to use organic/fairtrade beans to produce their coffee. Also always try to go for espresso based coffee rather than the traditional drip.

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