Why We Do What We Do?

So why is it we train, eat healthy and live a clean lifestyle? Is it to look good naked or to be healthy and disease free, the answer differs from person to person but one things for sure it makes us feel good and is a beneficial hobby for body, mind and soul.

Sometime I wonder if its something from deep inside of us that dates back thousands of years, with all the commercial products around these days and the way things are going with this chaotic world its no surprise some people turn to fitness, simplicity and personal development. As humans we are hard wired to keep active and have times of depravation, simplicity and minimalism rather than our over crowded consumerist world we live in now where we can’t avoid TV,  the internet and constant distractions from noise, light and behavior that have only recently developed into our world.

Don’t be put down or start to doubt when others question or ridicule your lifestyle. In essence they are the one’s with the problem rather than us. Looking to improve yourself  is nothing to be queried nor is staying in shape and eating good food. People who question it are just trying to bring you down but deep down they admire what you do and wish they could be so strong. Its people who continuously improve and evolve in this life that push others forward and make them question conventional thinking forcing them to change their lifestyles.

“You must first be the change you would like to see in the world” -Mohatma Ghandi

If you want others to change its best not to say anything, but rather take action and be strong yourself. So long as you go about things in a strong care free way you will be surprised how others follow and admire you. Don’t be lured into arguments they are just excuses for others to try and be right. its all the ego playing games. We can only control ourselves.

Just remain light and free, never care too much about what others think. Sometimes it is worth listening to but rarely are they right and if they are the realization will come around in due course. Stand on the shoulders of Giants; read about the failures and success of those who preceded us. Libraries offer a wealth of wisdom about anything your interested in knowing or seeing, be wary of the internets information in this age it is too diluted and confusing.

Sometimes its best to think back to when you were a child and still had a simple mind going from one thing to another as they come rather than pre-planning, and thinking everything through.

Don’t let yourself be caught up in your own mind.

I decided to write this post for anyone who ever questions why they are the way they are or do the things they do, whether it regards Fitness, Nutrition or any other hobbies you have. As humans its normal to have a passion about something and its going to take up a good portion of your life giving some pleasure and some pain. Whatever your passion make sure you keep doing what you love!

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