Working Out With Zen Like Focus

Sometimes it can be hard to find the focus for working out. Other times its easy, well here is a guide on how to get the focus for your workouts making them more productive and time efficient every time….

1- Make a great Play list – When you workout a great playlist for workout is essential especially in a busy gym. This is for two reasons; It will block out the usually awful music that most gym’s play and allow you to get into the zone and flow of your workouts. Secondly When your wearing earphones while working out you are less likely to be distracted or talk to people at the gym during the workout. This rings true to me as I have been going to my gym for years and know most of the trainers so if I’m not wearing headphones its far easier to be pulled into conversations which can throw off the intensity of the workout. Save the chat for after the workout…..

The key to getting a good play list is to find music that motivates you. This is something very personal therefore it differs from person to person. Find what works for you and get a cheap MP3 player for your workouts!

2- Quickly jot down your workout – I always keep a mental note of what I am going to do in the gym as we all do, but too often I forget an exercise or do something I hadn’t planned that was unnecessary. A tip that is really useful is to jot down your workout on a post it note just before you hit the gym and keep it in your pocket. The writing down of the workout helps you memorize things and if you are ever thrown off or forget what’s next just grab it a have a glimpse. This will help you keep your focus and the workout efficient.

3- Simplify Your Routine – Sometimes we just do too much. Too many exercises! More is not always better and can leave you over worked and wasting time in the gym. If you look at the best workouts around they all have one thing in common SIMPLICITY. Checkout CrossFit, TTP Workouts and HIT workouts, all stupidly simple but also hugely effective….

When a routine is simple it is usually effective, there are too many weird and wacky ways to workout being pushed around. Keep it simple:

  • Stick to Compounds
  • Keep workouts under 30 minutes
  • Move Intensely with short breaks between sets
  • Use good form and lift with strength not momentum

Sticking to simple rules like the ones above will force focus in workouts as it will make them exciting and invigorating.

4- Stick to a Certain workout – Give it a chance if you want to try HIT then do it for a month. If you want to do some more volume based body part splits, stick to it for at least a month. There is nothing worse than jumping from one type of a workout to another. If you plan to just run and do push-ups for a week off then that’s cool too. Sticking to one thing simplifies everything and allows you to focus. As soon as your mind gets cluttered with what to do then things start to fall apart.

Whatever your goals are give the workout a chance. For instance at the moment I am trying some HIT style training and plan to do so for at least another few weeks before going onto something else. It gives me something to work on each time I hit the gym, a base to gauge improvement on….

5- Workout on your time – It makes so much difference to workout at a time which is good for you. So that you don’t feel rushed plus you workout at a time you feel good. For some its first thing in the morning after a coffee and for others it maybe in the evening before dinner. Find out when that is and make use of it….

Of course that is in an ideal world and with the amount of high stress jobs and long hours around it can be hard to workout at all, especially at times you want to workout. The fix? Push through and try to do some kind of intense exercise 2-3 times a week, its do able and will increase your ability to handle and process the stress in life. The rest of the time just stay active, walk loads, play and have fun. Remember to eat good too…..

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